Photography Style

The best way to sum up my photography eye is to describe it as 50% creative sense 50% business sense. What exactly do I mean? The creative part of me knows what looks good and how to use the art of photography to capture that. My business sense is thinking about what angle will best explain and sell the product to the customer. How would I frame this lifestyle shot so I could also add sales copy to the image? How will I make the main product image stand out from the sea of competition? 

About Kyle

The past eight years of photographing products for Amazon and e-commerce stores have contributed to the development of my style and photography sense. Let me help your product stand out! Over the years, I have photographed thousands of products sold in Costco, Home Depot, Fry’s,, and I have photographed products in the home décor, garden, pet, furniture, fashion wear, food, jewelry, and home organization categories. I can do both white background product photos and lifestyle photos (with or without a model). Please reach out and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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